Kraft Paper Eco Soup Cup with Vented Lid Takeaway Hot Food Microwave Expand

Kraft Paper Eco Soup Cup with Vented Lid Takeaway Hot Food Microwave

If you are looking for a perfect packaging solution for your food, look no further. This soup cup is made from a high quality Kraft paper, which is an astounding material. It is strong and durable, as well as eco-friendly! It requires less energy and materials, and also produce less waste during production. In addition to that, it is fully recycleable and compostable. It is also lightweight, which greatly reduces the cost of transportation and storage, as well as reduces the overall impact on the environment. It is not just eco-friendly though! It is also very resistant and reliable, which is great for its main use – as a packaging for soups and microwaveable foodstuffs. Vented lid on top allows the air to circulate and reduces the build up of steam inside the cup, but also protects the insides from spilling and making an overall mess. Kraft paper cup can hold liquids and solid items up to 95° C (203° Fahrenheit) and is completely compatible with microwaves.

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Cup's specification
SIZE350ml (90x72x86mm)470ml (97x74x102mm)760ml (117x95x115mm)940ml (117x93x128mm)ToleranceUnit
Diameter (A)9097117117+/- 2mm
Diameter (d)72749593+/- 2mm
HEIGHT (H)86102115128+/- 2mm
LID (B)9299119119+/- 2mm



*Due to a mass production, admissible amount of cups that don`t meet specified requirements, may be up to 2% of delivery;

*Product needs to be stored in stable conditions, in temperature 18-22 degrees and humidity 45–55%. It is not recommended to change storing conditions drastically, e.g. from very dry, warm air to wet and cold room. Inappropriate storing conditions, like humidity and dry air may prevent correct use of cups;

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Extra Thick Kraft Paper Aluminium Stand Up Pouch with Zip Lock

This pouch is made from a unique combination of aluminium and kraft paper. By making the entire bag extra thick we were able to create a strong and durable protection for the items inside while maintaining the ease of storage. Additionally, the kraft paper used outside gives the bag a very vintage and homemade look. The pouch is closed from the top with a zip lock, which helps to keep the product fresh and preserve its high quality.

Fabric: Paper / Aluminium / Polyethylene

100 ml88 microns
250 ml88 microns
500 ml88 microns
750 ml108 microns
1000 ml108 microns
3000ml108 microns