Coffee Bags

With the growing popularity of artisanal and single-plantation coffee comes the need for coffee packaging that will not only protect the fragrant product contained inside, but also communicate the values of the particular brand. Our carefully thought-out selection of coffee bags will allow you to achieve both of these goals. Quality, individuality and authenticity are key for creating a modern, unique coffee brand appealing to just the right kind of market.

Side gusset bags are the traditional choice for coffee packaging bags, and we offer them in a range of materials and sizes which will make it easy to choose the right one for your products, from enticingly colourful foil coffee pouches in dark green and red to wholesome-looking Kraft coffee bags that evoke the homely values of sustainable or organic produce. Stand up coffee pouches are also a popular choice, especially for higher-end suppliers, offering the easy-to reseal, sturdy packaging option.

Whether you are looking for coffee bean bags, or require coffee packing bags for your ready-ground product, the choice of options in our online store will make it easy to pick the right ones. Although many manufacturers and packers choose fairly plain foil or paper coffee bags, some go as far as ensuring that their precious product is packaged in a special pouch with a degassing valve, and we have a selection of those too in several colours and sizes.

Whatever model, size, colour or material you pick for your coffee packaging, the quality of our manufacturing process will ensure that your coffee will reach its final consumer in as perfect condition as intended and will taste as good as it will look on the shelf in store.

We supply our coffee bags wholesale but we have no minimum order size, though you will benefit from free delivery with orders as low as £100 in value.

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