Kraft Paper Stand Up Pouches

Our selection of Kraft pouches will help you choose the right paper pouch packaging to communicate eco-friendly values of your brand and to deliver the highest quality products to your customers.

Kraft paper is durable, resistant to tearing and offers good protective properties. It blocks the UV light and humidity, which helps to ensure the freshness of your products by preventing oxidation and other undesirable chemical reactions that would lead to deterioration of your goods.

Kraft paper stand up pouches are also decidedly eco-friendly. They require less materials and less energy in their production and leave less waste in the manufacturing process. Due to being very light and compact, they are also very easy to transport and store.

We offer classic Kraft stand up pouches, as well Kraft coffee bags and various other designs of Kraft paper pouches. We also have pouches made partially of Kraft paper but incorporating a window or a whole clear side which allows the consumer to see exactly what they are buying while that product remains sealed for freshness and protected. Various designs available in our store also include Kraft resealable pouches such as Kraft zipper pouch bag.

For extra protection, we have pouches that combine aluminium foil with Kraft paper. Such construction ensures the strongest protection and durability, without sacrificing the classic, traditional look of the brown paper bag.

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