Spout pouches

Ideal for juice, fruit pulp and similar goods, our spout pouch selection provides a solution to packaging needs of liquid and semi-liquid products. The construction of a purposefully designed liquid pouch ensures not only excellent protection for your product, but also allows it to be easily displayed in store, making a stand up pouch with spout a great choice from a point-of-sale promotion point of view, while allowing the end user to easily obtain the desired amount of product from the liquid spout bag it has been packaged in.

Our spout pouch packaging utilises high-quality aluminium foil, so the sachet is able to stand upright on its own, while completely protecting the liquid inside from oxidation and external influences, ensuring the freshness and quality of your product. We offer our customers two different types of spout pouches – fully made of aluminium and with one transparent side. The clear side in the latter type of a spout pouch is both eye-catching and allows the subsequent user to see the amount of liquid that is still left inside the pouch. The spout on top of the pouch is protected by a twist-off cap, which allows for opening and re-closing the liquid pouch numerous times. A set of circular holes in the uppers section of the pouch adds an extra storage and display option, allowing them to be hanging from a display rack.

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