Vacuum Seal Pouches

For the products for which simple protective packaging is not enough, we have developed our barrier pouch selection. Sometimes providing the best protection for the goods is not simply a matter of the packaging material. Moisture can wreak havoc on crispy foodstuffs that really don’t like humidity, while for some goods, simply being in contact with air may cause oxidation leading to loss of colour and other unwanted chemical reactions. This is where a vacuum pouch can really be a perfect solution. Vacuum packing will prolong freshness, improve quality, and altogether prolong the shelf life of your products. These bags are made of a combination of polyamides and polyethylene, also known as PA/PE, which as a material is characterised by strength, durability and pliability. These make it a material very suitable for vacuum sealed barrier pouches. The plastic wraps tightly around the contents leaving only a minimal amount of gas inside the vacuum pouch packaging.

That means that whatever food is placed inside the vacuum bags, is not only protected from mechanical damage, oxidation and air moisture, but its colours, aroma and flavour are retained for longer. Vacuum pouch packaging is perfect for storing processed meat, grains, spices, cheese, candy and other food products. Highly aromatic compositions, such as marinades, herbs or spice mixes will benefit from this type of packaging, as it fully prevents external smells from penetrating the product.

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