Clear, translucent & window stand up pouches

Clear Stand Up Pouches | Stand Up Pouches with Window

Pick the perfect solution to present the appealing quality of your product to your customers right there on the shelf – choose a stand up pouch with window or a fully transparent, clear stand up pouch.

Despite ubiquitous advertising images attacking potential customers with huge amounts of colourful images, music and texts, we believe that the best way to present the product is to let it talk for itself. After all, honesty is one of the rarest virtues in advertising yet modern customers value authenticity more and more.

Our clear stand up pouches and pouches with windows, including Kraft stand up pouches with window, will allow your customers to peek inside the packaging, to see its contents and to be charmed and attracted by what they see. This is particularly important if you are packaging foodstuffs, such as cookies, pastries, sweets or cereal, but also aromatic items, such as spices, tea, coffee or herbal infusions. You can choose from a selection of pouches with a clear window on the front of the sachet and fully transparent packaging pouches. The first option still leaves a lot of place for your logo, branding, promotional text or images, while still showing off the star of the show, i.e. your product inside. The second option creates a fully see-through packaging so the customers can fully inspect the product. Such clear pouches are also easier to use in the long term, as you can easily see the amount of product left inside.

To make our product offer better fit all your packing needs, we offer clear and window pouches in a variety of sizes, made from a variety of materials: from eco-friendly Kraft paper to extremely resistant mylar foil, you are bound to find the one that works for you.

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