Biodegradable Packaging

Biodegradable Pouches & other Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Environmental concerns are becoming more and more prominent in the consumers’ minds and more and more people take sustainability into account when making purchasing decisions. Sustainable packaging, including biodegradable packaging solutions, allows you to do your bit for the environment while appealing to your customers’ environmental sensibilities. Eco packaging forms an important part of our product range, with our biodegradable bag selection including a variety of products from heat seal bags to biodegradable stand up pouches.

Our eco-friendly products are designed for sustainability and minimizing waste, while still characterised by high performance in regards to the essential functions of a packaging pouch, i.e. product protection and display. We use materials such as Kraft paper, cellulose film and starch film to create high performance yet sustainable packaging solutions.

Fully compostable pouches that take only 10 weeks to break down, including the zip lock? Check! Kraft paper biodegradable pouches with window? Check! High barrier organic food grade compostable pouches? Check!

We also apply sustainability principles in our production process, doing our best to minimise waste, limit the use of materials, especially the non-renewable ones, and reduce energy use. Our packaging is manufactured in Europe and shipped with consideration given to the transportation carbon footprint. These biodegradable bags are lightweight and thus can be transported and stored easily, with lower fuel costs and carbon footprint than many more traditional packaging options.

Our biodegradable pouches are actually tested and certified as fully compostable. They decompose in ten weeks, and can be composted at home or deposited in the ‘’compostable food waste’’ refuse containers. This makes them ideal for packing dry foods, bakery goods, coffee, tea or spices, not only helping the environment, but emphasising your brand’s commitment to eco packaging and environmental values in general.

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