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Bakery goods have their own specific packaging needs, and this is where our range of carefully selected bakery bags comes to the fore. Whether you require paper bread bags or cookie bags, or suitable packaging for other baked goods such as rolls or pastries, you can find suitable solutions in our range. Our bread bags utilise Kraft paper as the main material as it’s damage resistant and durable, while protecting your product from drying out, oxidation and excess moisture.

It is also eco-friendly, helping us to reduce our impact on the planet while conveying a wholesome, artisanal image to your customers. It requires less energy to produce and leaves fewer wastage, but is also recyclable.

Our Kraft paper bakery bags come in two designs: plain brown side-gusset bags and similarly designed bakery bags with window which allow the customer to peek inside and assess the quality and freshness of your product. Not to mention the sheer visual appeal of appetising treats placed in paper cookie bags with a clear window! The choice of sizes available makes our bakery packaging suitable for a variety of items from large bread loaves to baguettes, buns, rolls and bagels as well as sweet and savoury pastry products. And of course, as mentioned above, we have sizes suitable for bakery bags for cookies. Heat seal allows these pouches to be secured, affording even better protection from harmful environmental factors.

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