Resealable bags

Where utility matters, a resealable pouch, such as a zipper pouch bag will be a perfect choice. At Jamo Solutions, we strive to create a range of the most suitable packaging for your products, so you can select what truly fits your needs without a need to compromise.

Storage is important, and packaging ensures that your goods reach your end customers in the best possible state, while convenient-to-use packs can also attract buyers to your goods and make you stand out from your competition. Our selection includes flat zipper pouch bags as well as our resealable stand up pouches so you will be able to choose exactly the solution you require.

We use high performance materials to manufacture our zip up pouch packaging, including Mylar foil, which affords excellent protection from foreign smells, UV radiation, humidity and air. It is also characterised by high mechanical strength, making it hard to tear, shear or poke through. Our clear zipper pouch sachets are designed and produced with the same values in mind. We utilize high quality plastics, great at protecting your products, while also allowing the buyer to see what they buy. Honest and attractive, clear pouches let the products speak for themselves without compromising the protective characteristics of the packaging.

The zip lock closure ensures genuine resealability, making the bag much easier to use on a day-to-day basis, and makes this line of resealable pouch packaging solutions perfect to store items such as cereal, oats, spices, nuts, dried fruit, sweets and even pet food, as well as many others.

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