Extraordinary place to work

Following the philosophy “happy team = happy customers”, we do our best to create a unique workplace, where people can feel good, comfortable, satisfied, appreciated, and also awarded. Once we trust the employee (including freelancers working for us), we give them enough space to act, so everyone can have an impact and contribute to the development of the company.

This is the reason why being flexible and open-minded are the most valuable for us while recruiting. Working for us is very rarely a routine; instead, it is interesting, full of challenges and a great opportunity for self-development, which, in our opinion, is the secret to success.

Work-life balance

As an employer, we also understand family and social life. For example, every two weeks our employees have an extra Friday off – so they can enjoy a long weekend, spend quality time with families and friends, travel to nice places or have time for hobbies.

Life goes quickly and apart from working hard, everyone needs a good rest. In addition, when we outsource work to freelancers, we know that they work on their own rules, taking care of themselves.

Looking for a job?

If you are up to challenges and feel we vibrate on the same level, go ahead!

Contact us and join the Jamo Family!

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