Aluminium Silver Matt Flat Pouch

Sometimes a zip-lock or a tear notch is not enough. In that case you might consider a specialized heat seal pouch for your product. This flat pouch boasts a silver matt color, which is eye-catching and easy to spot, making it a fantastic way of advertising your product. And yet the most important element of this packaging is the heat seal – strong,...
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Silver Shine Chrome Effect Flat Pouch

This special type of sachets is manufactured precisely for storing food. With beautiful silver shine on both interior and exterior, it is eye-catching while still being extremely durable. It is thanks to a high quality heat seal on the top of the bag. It has great weld ability and helps to preserve the freshness of your product and protect it from the...
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Kraft Paper Flat Pouch

These food grade sachets are perfectly designed to store and protect its contents. Mechanically strong kraft paper creates a durable barrier, and combined with heat seal on the top helps with protection from heat, humidity and foreign smells. These traits make them perfect for food and other delicacies. These stylish, simple, vintage-looking bags are easy...

Aluminium Flat Pouch with Zip Lock

This sachet is designed and manufactured with utility and practicality in mind. Made of Mylar film and aluminium, this pouch is extremely durable and strong, perfect to protect your delicacies. Heat seal grants great barrier against any external factors, like humidity or oxygen, while zip lock on top allows the contents to be accessed multiple times...
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Transparent Flat Pouch with Zip Lock

Sometimes simplicity and utility is the best combination. This sachet is completely transparent, which is perfect to let your product shine. It is also very practical – customers can, at a moment’s notice, inspect and judge the content of the packaging. Since these are well fit for food and other delicacies, the freshness of your product is protected by a...

For applications where ensuring adequate protection of the product while maintaining cost-effectiveness is of paramount importance, heat seal bags offer the most practical, and also a very cost-effective solution.

Whether looking for food-grade packaging, or the optimal way to protect your cosmetics and household products to ensure they reach your customers in the most perfect condition possible, heat seal flat pouches should be your first port of call. Although some products benefit from being packaged in resealable pouches with zip locks, in many cases a simple tear notch will suffice as the product will be either used in its entirety in one application, or decanted to another container. Heat seal foil bags work very well for flavouring sachets, powdered soups, dry spice mixes, aromatic snacks – all of these need to be protected from external environmental factors while in transport, storage and on the shelf, while the bag only needs to be opened once.

We offer heat seal pouches in a variety of materials from Kraft paper to Mylar foil to clear, available in a vast range of sizes and volumes.

Need a packaging that can be used multiple times and quickly and effectively opened and closed without spillages and tears? Browse our range of resealable and zip lock pouches.

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