Recyclable White Paper Flat Pouch
Recyclable White Paper Flat Pouch
Recyclable White Paper Flat Pouch
Recyclable White Paper Flat Pouch
Recyclable White Paper Flat Pouch

Recyclable White Paper Flat Pouch

Our sustainable recyclable white paper flat pouch merges style with sustainability. Choose this white paper flat pouch as an eco-friendly yet trendy packaging solution, ideal for lightweight goods such as rolls, cookies, sweets, also documents and photos.

Made from best-quality white paper, this recyclable pouch isn’t just kind to our planet but is also aesthetically pleasing. Its sleek design offers a blend of sophistication and simplicity, making it the perfect choice for presenting your items in a neat and modern fashion.

The recyclable flat pouch has been meticulously crafted to ensure durability and protection. Its flat design ensures a snug fit for your items, while the heat-sealed seams help safeguard them from environmental factors like moisture. This ensures the contained items remain in pristine condition, be it during shipment or while stored.

Owing to its compact design and structure, the recyclable white paper flat pouch is best for e-commerce – flat pouches are effortless to store and transport. For businesses aiming to minimize their ecological impact while not compromising on style or utility, this pouch stands as the go-to option.

Fabric: Paper

85 x 140 mm  60 microns
110 x 170 mm  60 microns
130 x 220 mm  60 microns

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Bag's specification

Type: Sachet

SIZE 60 85 110 130 160 210 250 TOLERANCE** UNIT
WIDTH (A) 60 85 110 130 160 210 250 +/- 2 mm
HEIGHT (H) 110 140 170 220 260 310 365 +/- 2 mm
WIDTH OF SIDE SEAL (Z)* 6 6 6 6 6 6 7,5 +/- 2 mm

*Each seal is considered separately.

**Due to a mass production, admissible amount of bags that don`t meet specified requirements, may be up to 2% of delivery.


Packaging product information

  • recyclable white paper flat pouch
  • available capacities: 85x140 mm, 110x170 mm, 130x220 mm
  • flat pouches are easy to store and cost-effective (flat pouch design makes it space-saving in storage and transportation)
  • heat seal properties (temp. 135C) – ensures longevity of stored items;
  • fresh look - great for organic and homemade goods
  • This type of bag protects your products from:
    • oxygen - which affects the airing and oxidation
    • heat and humidity - accelerate spoilage
    • foreign smell - easily lead to changing the flavour and natural fragrance of products


Sample applications

  • Bread & rolls
  • Cookies & sweets
  • Pastries
  • Dry food
  • Nuts & seeds
  • Dry fruits and veggies
  • Documents and photos
  • ... and many others!

Pouches are suitable only for dry products.



Different products have different weights and different volumes. We use millilitres (ml) to determine the capacity unit of our products. If you are unsure about the exact volume, feel free to contact us!


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