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Our biggest selection of stand up pouch packaging comes in the form of aluminium foil stand up pouches. Some products require particularly effective protection measures, and aluminium foil and mylar foil stand up pouches can offer just that. Aluminium foil pouches are extremely resilient, as they are very hard to tear, damage or poke holes in. This helps to protect the contents, whether it consists of dry products, such as spices, herbs or tea, or other products such as seeds, nuts, sweets or even body and bath preparations. Stand up pouches for food packaging benefit from aluminium foil’s ability to seal in moisture, prevent contamination and maintain the product’s freshness for longer.

Need a great choice of packaging pouches in a selection of sizes, colours and finishes? You are bound to find something that suits your needs in our selection of stand up pouches. UK delivery is free for orders above £100, but if you want to place a smaller order, we don’t have a minimum order size.

Why choose stand up pouches? This form of packaging is versatile and practical as well as attractive. As the name itself suggests, these bags are able to stand up without any help, due to the special way they are constructed. They are equipped with gussets, located on the side walls, as well as on the bottom of the bag. This allows for an attractive display with higher visibility for your products, as well as easy and convenient use for the final customer.

In addition to a selection of colours and sizes in which we offer our stand up pouches wholesale to UK customers, the basic aluminium foil construction can also be supplemented by extra features such as Kraft paper outer layer, resealable zipper closure, spout or valve.

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