Square Black Transparent Salad Food Meal Container Box Bowl Disposable Expand

Black, Transparent, Disposable Square Salad Food Meal Container, Box, Bowl

£ 4.16

Jamo Packaging Solutions


370 ml

500 ml750ml

Upper length of container

114 mm

124 mm135 mm

Lower length of container

65 mm

72 mm70 mm

Lower width of container

65 mm

72 mm70 mm

External height of container

55 mm

60 mm80 mm

Volume of container

370 ml

500 ml750 ml

Upper width of container

114 mm

124 mm135 mm

Internal height of container

54 mm

59 mm

79 mm

Product Applications
  • great for meals
  • salads
  • desserts
  • pieces of fish
  • takeaway boxes
  • sandwiches
  • catering and parties 
  • ... and many more!
Product not suitable for microwave.
If for any reasons you wish to return the item, please note that it have to be unopened and in original packaging.

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Mylar Window Stand Up Pouch with Zip Lock

Made out of Mylar – a special, polyester film, perfect for food storage and preservation – this pouch is suitable for a wide array of consumables and other items alike. Special construction allows it to stand upright in order to increase the visibility of your product on the shelves. It also includes a zip lock on the top of the bag, so that the contents can stay fresh by allowing you to re-open and close this bag multiple times.

Fabric: Metalilised Polypropylene / Oriented Polypropylene

100 ml50 microns
250 ml50 microns
500 ml60microns
750 ml60 microns
1000 ml60 microns