FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Are you a manufacturer or a distributor?
Our company serves as both a manufacturer and a distributor.
This combination allows us to have better control over the entire supply chain, ensuring that we can offer competitive pricing and maintain the highest quality standards.
Can you produce a bespoke pouch?
Yes, we can produce a bespoke pouch tailored to your specific requirements. We offer a wide range of materials, sizes, shapes, and printing options to ensure that your pouch is both functional and visually appealing. Simply provide us with your design specifications, and we will bring your vision to life.
Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we ship our products worldwide. Our company is committed to serving customers across the globe, and we have established a reliable network of shipping partners to ensure the safe and timely delivery of our products.
Do you source your materials from China?
No, we do not source our materials from China. We are committed to supporting local businesses, which is why we exclusively source our materials from the UK and EU. By doing so, we can ensure compliance with quality and safety regulations, and reduce our carbon footprint.
Do you offer printing services?
Yes, we do offer printing service. We have two options available: digital and flexo printing. With digital printing, we can print on Kraft paper pouches only, with a minimum order quantity of 100 units at present. The lead time for this option is 3 working days. However, we print on a ready-made pouch, so it may not be possible to cover the entire area. We have printable area templates available to download on our website, which can help you better understand the print coverage. Please note that we only accept Vector files. On the other hand, with flexo printing, we can print on any type of material, with the ability to cover the entire area of the pouch, including the seals and the zip lock. The minimum order quantity for this option is much higher depending on the size of the pouch, which can be split across two designs. However, please note that the lead time for this option may be longer than the digital option as we print on a roll of material first, then convert it into a pouch.
How to find the right pouch size for my product based on its weight?
A practical way find out the right pouch size for your product is to use a kitchen measuring jug with volume markings.

Here's a step-by-step guide:

- Place a kitchen scale on a flat surface and turn it on. Make sure it's set to the desired weight unit (e.g., grams, ounces).
- Place an empty kitchen measuring jug on the scale and tare (zero) the scale. This will ensure that the weight of the jug itself is not factored into the final measurement.
- Fill the jug with your product until you reach the desired weight.
- Check the volume marking on the jug that corresponds to the level of your product.
For example, if the product reaches the 500ml mark, you will need a 500ml pouch to pack your product.

Please note that this method provides an approximate estimate. To ensure the best fit please consider purchasing samples from us to test with your product.
What are your delivery/dispatch times?
When placing an order, you can choose your preferred delivery type and speed during the checkout process. We offer a range of shipping options including Next Day and Guaranteed delivery options. For orders placed before 2pm, we dispatch the products the same day. Please note that the actual delivery time will depend on the shipping method you select and your location.
What is the minimum order quantity?
The minimum order quantity for our products is 25 units.
Do you offer free shipping?
Yes, we do offer free shipping for orders over £100. When your order total exceeds £100, you can select the free shipping option during the checkout process. Please remember to choose this option, as it is not applied automatically.
Are your pouches heat-sealable?
Yes, all our pouches are heat sealable. We highly recommend heat-sealing, especially for food items, as it provides protection against contaminants. Using a heat sealer will create an airtight seal that prolongs the shelf life of your product and maintains its quality.
Do you sell heat sealers?
No, we do not sell heat sealers. However, you can easily buy them from various online platforms, such as eBay, where you can find a wide range of options starting at around £40. You don't need an industrial heat sealer to seal our pouches. Most affordable models available on the market will get the job done.
What does biodegradable mean?
Biodegradable refers to a material that can naturally break down into simpler, non-toxic substances over time. This process is carried out by microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi, which consume and decompose the material. Biodegradable products are considered more environmentally friendly, as they reduce waste and pollution in comparison to non-biodegradable materials that persist in the environment for much longer periods.
What's the difference between biodegradable and compostable pouches?
Biodegradable pouches break down into simpler, non-toxic substances over time through natural processes. Compostable pouches not only break down, but also turn into nutrient-rich compost that benefits the environment. Compostable pouches require specific conditions, such as temperature and humidity, to decompose properly. Both types of pouches are more eco-friendly compared to traditional non-biodegradable packaging materials.
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