Side Gusset Stand Up Bags

Thanks to their construction, each pouch in our side gusset bag selection will provide convenient and stable packaging for your products. The flat bottom gusset bags will not only hold more product more securely, but will also stand on the shelf, making it easier to display at the point of sale and reducing the need for extra outer packaging such as cardboard trays. These pouches are particularly popular as packaging for tea and coffee – for these, we especially recommend bags with a valve - as well as other dry products, but the wide range of material and size options we offer means they can be used for many other goods. The generous size and the sturdy construction of the gusset bag mean that the end user will be able to open and close it repeatedly, without worrying about tears or a need to decant the product – and in this way, your brand identity and any promotional message will be also present in the consumers’ homes for much longer.

Our selection of flat bottom gusset bags comprises of packaging made of various materials, including aluminium foil gusset bags, gusset plastic bags and Kraft paper gusset bags. Some feature clear windows that allow the customers to see the product inside, others are completely clear for greater transparency, yet others are opaque for full protection from possible light damage, only revealing the product inside on opening. We even have some side gusset bags in attractive colours, for added interest and vibrancy in your packaging choices.

Different sizes from as little as 50g to as large as 1kg ensure that whatever your product is, you will find the right gusset bag for your needs in our shop.

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