Red See through Heat Seal Gusset pouch/bag with clear block bottom gift food Expand

Red Side Gusset Pouch with Block Bottom, Recycable

We always knew that the best packaging have to be both stylish and practical at the same time. This see-through pouch with clear bottom is a great combination of these traits. Vibrant red color draws the eyes of potential customers towards it, and the transparent walls helps them judge and observe the contents with ease. The bottom is protected from external factors, like moisture or oxygen, by a heat seal. Finally, the entire construction is strengthened from both sides by a pair of gussets.

Fabric: Oriented Polypropylene

100 g40 microns
250 g40 microns
500 g40 microns

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Bag's specification


WIDTH (A)658080100135+/- 2mm
DEPTH(G)3535455570+/- 2mm
HEIGHT (H)155180235285290+/- 2mm
WIDTH OF BOTTOM SEAL (Zd)*66666+/- 2mm
WIDTH OF BACK SEAL (Zt)66666+/- 2mm

*Each seal is considered separately.

**Due to a mass production, admissible amount of bags that don`t meet specified requirements, may be up to 2% of delivery.

Product informations

  • Green transparent heat seal gusset pouch
  • Capacity: 100 g and 250 g
  • Bags are easy to store, heat seal helps to keep products fresh for longer
  • Rectangular, see-through bottom
  • This type of bags protects your products from:
    - oxygen - which affects the airing and oxidation
    - heat and humidity - accelerate spoilage
    - foreign smell - easily lead to changing the flavour and natural fragrance of products

Sample applications

  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Spices
  • Dry food
  • Nuts
  • Sweets
  • Tobacco
  • ... And many others!
Pouches are suitable only for dry products.

Different products have different weights and different volumes.  We use millilitres - ml to determine the  capacity unit of our products - if you are not sure about it please contact us.

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Black Matt Aluminium Side Gusset Pouch

We know that the first impression is important. That's why we created this matt black pouch, designed to be eye-catching and stylish. Made from polyethylene and aluminum, this bag is very durable and resistant, perfect for prolonged storage of your items. Side gusset ensures that the bag will not fold down or crumple, and bottom seal helps to stabilize the whole construction. These bags are available in three different sizes, so pick one that best matches your product and store it in this stylish, black pouch!

Thickness: 100 microns

Fabric: Polyethylene terephthalate / Aluminium / Polyethylene

250 g100 microns
500 g100 microns
1000 g100 microns