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Food packaging pouches, bags and sachets


Stand up pouches

known as a stand up Bags are best display packaging solution.
Shapes and materials used for them are also helpful when you send your items to customers via post.
Zip- lock feature keep products put inside fresh for longer. Pouches are steady and durable when filled.

Flat pouches

This type of pouches are low cost packaging option. They are available in different materials and sizes.
Can be used for food and non food products. Flat structure makes it easy to store.

Biodegradable pouches

Eco friendly pouches.

Popular Products

Packaging solutions

We know that every merchandise needs its own packaging. When you seek a way to improve your product, to raise its value and popularity, you cannot neglect the importance of choosing the best, most suitable and eye-catching packaging for it. And our mission, at Jamo Packaging Solutions, is to help you browse, match and craft the perfect solution for you. We always put customer as our top priority, as we truly value an honest relationship with our partners. Yet despite our constant improvement of quality and variety for the sake of our clients, we never neglect our green side.

Variety bags

And yet our care for nature does not mean that we compromise the quality of our solutions. We offer a wide selection of different bags and pouches, each type having its own merits. With such a variety, it is very easy for you to navigate through our catalog to look for the most suitable one. We wholeheartedly invite you to do so, and contact us in case of any questions or suggestions. Whether you are in need for an eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging or a vacuum seal – you will find them all here. Our products are suitable for food and consumables as well. Tea, coffee, sweets or snacks – your imagination is the limit.

Eco-friendly and biodegradable

We believe that it is our duty and responsibility to care for the environment, so we are striving to reduce the strain of our products and work on nature. Our eco-friendly pouches are made from the high quality materials, designed and crafted in order to minimize the energy cost, wastage and to improve their transportation efficiency. To take this even further, we have introduced to our selection fully biodegradable bags and kraft paper pouches, and this is barely the beginning. To care for the nature is to continue a never ending mission of lessening the impact of manufacturing, educating in the area of ecology and paving the way for a healthier, green future.

What are YOU looking for?

If you look for an affordable and easy to storage packaging, then our flat pouches might be the best. If you prefer an eye-catching, noticeable packet, then perhaps a stand up one would be more suitable, due to its outstanding looks. Maybe you prefer a transparent one, or perhaps something that include a window? Search no further then, because all of the above – and many more – are included in our selection. We offer a range of sizes and colors for every selection as well, allowing you to find precisely the packaging you are looking for. And that, in itself, is our utmost goal and mission.