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*Printing available on selected packaging

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known as stand up bags are the best display packaging solution.
Shapes and materials used for them are also helpful when you send your items to customers via post.
Zip lock feature keep products put inside fresh for longer. Pouches are steady and durable when filled.

This type of pouches is low cost packaging option. They are available in different materials and sizes.
Can be used for food and non food products. Flat structure makes it easy to store.

Advantages of our products


Packaging made of

materials that can be used

again after processing.


Packaging that has the ability to

break down and decompose into

natural elements within a year or less.


Packaging that has similar properties to

biodegradable and gives nutrients

back to earth after breaking down.

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Whatever your packaging needs, JamoSolutions will supply you with high-quality flexible packaging pouches at best prices. We supply pouch packaging in a variety of styles, materials, sizes and additional features, as well as other bags and pouches suitable for products ranging from coffee and tea to dried fruit, bread, bath and beauty products and more.


Packaging protects your products from deterioration and damage, but it also sells it, and projects the desired brand image. This way, your customers get a product in a top condition, safe and convenient to use, while you reduce your potential losses from waste.

The right choice of packaging will combine an eye-catching design to attract attention, suitable material and form to protect the product and other features that will make your brand values clear to your customers.

Choosing from a selection of flexible packaging that we offer, including a wide choice of doypack, foil packaging and various plastic packaging pouches will allow you to create a perfect packaging solution for your needs.

Starting a new business? Want to choose the best flexible packaging pouch for your product? You have come to the right place – as flexible packaging manufacturers, we will help you pick the appropriate size, design and materials to fit your product, your brand values and your budget.

Know what you need? Browse our selection of flexible packaging.

Not sure what will work best? Get in touch now, we will be more than happy to advise you and help you find the best solution for your needs.

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