Side Gusset Pouch for Coffee Tea with Internal Valve

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We are aware that tea and coffee require very specific conditions in order to keep its peak flavor and quality. Our special pouches include an internal valve, which helps preserving the freshness of your delicacies by removing the excess gas inside the bag. Thanks to the valve we are able to protect your product from humidity and oxygenation, which are common causes of lowering the long-term quality of tea and coffee. Our special pouches are available in three distinct colors: silver, gold and maroon.

Thickness: 100 microns

Fabric: Polyethylene terephthalate / Aluminium / Polyethylene

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Bag's specification


WIDTH (A)658080100135+/- 2mm
DEPTH(G)3535455570+/- 2mm
HEIGHT (H)190210280330360+/- 2mm
WIDTH OF BOTTOM SEAL (Zd)*66666+/- 2mm
WIDTH OF BACK SEAL (Zt)2530303535+/- 2mm

*Each seal is considered separately.

**Due to a mass production, admissible amount of bags that don`t meet specified requirements may be up to 2% of delivery.

Product informations

  • Coffee/tea bags with internal valve and heat seal
  • 250 g and 500 g 
  • Wide range of colours: black, gold, silver and maroon
  • This type of bags protects your products from:
    • oxygen - which affects the airing and oxidation
    • heat and humidity - accelerate spoilage
    • foreign smell - easily lead to changing the flavour and natural fragrance of products

How does this valve work?

The valve consists of a valve body and a membrane. Even a very slight overpressure in the package causes the membrane to bulge.

As the overpressure is increasing, the membrane rises at one valve location until a channel is formed, through which the gases can escape to the outside.

After the gas has been successfully vented and the pressure compensated, the valve closes and the membrane lies once again against the valve body. The content is thus reliably protected against external oxidation.

Valve uses:

  • removes excessive gases inside the pouch

  • protects from oxygenation

  • preserves flavour and fragrance for longer

Sample applications

  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Spices
  • Dry food
  • Nuts
  • Sweets
  • Tobacco
  • ... And many others!

Different products have different weights and different volumes.  We use millilitres - ml to determine the  capacity unit of our products - if you are not sure about it please contact us.

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