We live in the times of rising environmental awareness. We can see it in our society, as "green mindset" becomes a part of our everyday lives. Society starts to understand, that it is our shared responsibility to care for our environment in order to preserve and defend it. Climate change discussions becomes much more visible in media, volunteers are joining together to create movements to change the world. While some people try to focus on the really high impact activities, like investing in solar energy panels or electric cars, others target the mundane aspects of our daily lives: trash segregation or conservation of water.

An integrated approach

But those actions are not only tied to single people - one might argue that it is even more important for companies to take action in order to prevent further ecological damage and secure the future of our planet.Those concerns are what motivate us to continuously work and improve our solutions. We are utilizing a holistic approach, securing minimal wastage at every stage of production and life of our products. It is crucial to work in multiple ways in that area - our mission is not barely reducing the strain in one point, but achieving optimal, lowest possible impact on the environment overall while maintaining high standards of our products.

Green aspirations at every stage of production

We constantly push ourselves to diversify our catalogue of eco-friendly pouches, because know how important it is to not only have a responsible, durable packaging, but also to not limit your choice just because of a future-oriented mindset. That is why we offer a wide variety of pouches, made from combination of kraft paper, cellulose and starch film. These substances are strong, durable and aesthetically pleasing. When you combine those traits with their biodegradability, you will surely realize their green potential. Laboratory test confirm that full degradation of our biodegradable pouches occurs (in composting conditions) within 66 days! Moreover, these materials show a very high barrier on oxygen and water vapor.

Additionally, by utilizing flexible packaging – as opposed to the standard rigid packaging – we are able to minimalize a plethora of other factors regarding the carbon footprint of our packaging. By making our eco-friendly bags smaller and lighter (while still conserving the same volume of the packaging), we are able to reduce the amount of fuel and energy used for transportation. It also diminishes the usage of materials to produce the packaging, as well as lowers the amount of used water and wastage.

Change in the mindset

Our customers do not only seek comfort and ease of use - they are searching for solutions that are environmentally friendly, biodegradable while still being a viable product. Jamo Packaging Solutions is a company fitting to this new era of environmental awareness. We strive to deliver our products while leaving reduced impact on the environment, yet without compromising the high quality of ours bags and pouches. We hope that our selection of eco-friendly and biodegradable pouches will not only allow you to select the perfect product for yourself, but also to ensure a better, less polluted future for our planet.

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