If you ever sit down and think about what makes an unforgettable brand, you will have plenty of topics to discuss.  You can ponder on the longevity and history of the product, think about the connection between quality and price, perhaps even imagine the entire sale process, from manufacturing to the final purchase. And yet, when you think about that product, what always lands in front of you is the way you see it on the store shelf – there, in the pristine and marketable packaging it looks the most enticing, calling out and luring the customer  to take a look, to even consider choosing it from the sea of other merchandise.

Brands utilize their packaging in many ways in order to catch your eye in the shop, to get you interested and even excited to check it out. But as you know, it’s not just flashy show that’s important when you choose a packaging; it is much more than just an advertisement on a shop shelf. You have to consider its shape, volume, ease of transportation. You have to consider how easy it is to promote, to move around, to store for a prolonged time  - and these topics will vary greatly, depending on the type of product you’re going to offer. However, we are not talking about a traditional, localized way of selling your items.

From store shelves to internet browsers

E-commerce is a completely different beast when compared to a normal shop, in more ways than one. Let’s begin with the obvious – advertising! You can easily fit descriptions and information about your product on the website, filling your potential customers on the specifics you want them to know. On top of that, you can easily post additional pictures to show off your product. Because of that, it is important for you to realize the other characteristics of different packaging solutions, in order to pick what could work best for you. 

When you continue expanding your internet store, you will soon realize that one of the most important part is storage and transportation. Your items must be possible to move around and sell as an individuals, or in a bulk. Because of that, it is vital to pick a way of packaging that will be easy to store together, pack and send to your customer. That’s why stand-up pouches are a fantastic solution – they allow you to store a bunch of them together, without the worry of crushing your merchandise beneath the added weight of the others. If you have a variety of stuff to sell, then also having a stand-up pouch will allow you to differentiate between them easily, making it much easier to pick the one you need instantly. Finally, these pros are not only applying to storage – as transportation between the manufactures and shops take a lot of time and energy, you need to find ways to cut the costs without lowering the quality. And picking a proper bag is surely a great place to start.

Green means go!

Another thing that is important to consider is your statement or a mission that you want to represent in your products. Being eco-friendly is not just about spreading positive messages on your social media or using responsibly sourced ingredients and materials. Being a  truly green company means preparing each and every step of your sales with environment in mind. That is why we offer a wide selection of eco-positive pouches and bags, in order to help you solve this problem. They are not only fully biodegradable and compostable; they are designed with reusability in mind as well, meaning you don’t have to toss them out straight away. We also try to reduce the energy used for transportation and manufacturing by carefully planning their design, just to reduce the strain on the environment. If you decide that you want to utilize such eco-friendly solutions for your products, we have plenty of options for you to pick from!

Locked and loaded

Finally, let’s be honest – it always comes down to the quality of your product, after all. And there is nothing worse than having a bulky, rough pouch to store it. It might be not pretty, it might not be the most eye-catching, but if it is not efficient to use, then what’s the point? We hold this philosophy in mind during our design process, and the best example of that are our zip-lock pouches. It’s a very simple addition, really, but it changes so much in the long run! First of all – it allows your pouch to be opened and closed again and again, while securing the freshness of the things inside. After all, moisture and air can make it go stale or lose fragrance really quick, and tightly closing the bag prevents it. In addition to being great for holding aromatic products like teas and coffees, the zip-lock also allows you to pack snacks like nuts or cookies along for a trip, without worrying for them to crumble all over your bag. And, let’s be honest – these bags are too good to just toss them away. By using long-lasting materials these pouches are also designed to be reused, making them also more eco-positive.

There is so much to think about…

As you can see, there are many facets to choosing a good bag for your item. It’s not as simple as “ah, yes, brown paper bag because we have a rustic style” – that would lead to ignoring to so many obvious (and not so obvious) problems that come along with e-commerce. We hope that this little guide was a bit helpful for you to notice, diagnose and solve these difficulties with our help! Whatever you wish to do, there is definitely a perfect packaging solution just for that. You only need to look for it and think it through.

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