Pets are not just animals for any people. They are companions, friends, frequently even treated as a part of family. It is only fitting that people are more and more focused on seeking and choosing only the best food and supplements for their pets. This is not only limited to reading the labels and picking the most nutrient or tastiest ones, though! Customers are constantly searching for the best ways to satisfy and take care of their furry friends.

Conscious choices

Usually this mindset is not only limited to animals. People that care deeply about their pets tend to be much more invested and engaged in a multitude of ecological activities, from zero-waste movement, plogging (picking up trash while jogging) or, at the very least, multi-level recycling. It is important to help them achieve such a goal by allowing not only a wide array of options to choose from, but also by transparency of the details. After all, food should always have the highest priority when it comes to safety and quality check procedures, but we should not compromise the reduction of environmental impact either. Dogs and cats are especially dear to us, since their food is the most popular and widely produced – which, in return, gives us great opportunity to help their owners pick the best packaging!

Protection, safety and positive change

Due to the nature of these foods, pet food is usually sold in either large quantities of dry food, or rather in single-serving pouches. Both of them, however, are certified to be fit to storing edibles for prolonged time. We make sure to design and prepare bags that will be not only easy to use and store, but also able to protect the consumables from outside contaminants and foreign smells. That last factor is especially important when it comes to cat and dog food, which tends to be very aromatic, in order to be more appetizing. That is why our laminated and heat-sealed pouches are one of the best choices you may have regarding packaging these products. Additionally, they protect from the UV rays of the strong sunlight, further improving the lifetime of your product.

But we wanted to go even further. That is we have a plethora of available fully biodegradable bags, in order to create a fully ecological option. We also maximize our efforts in reducing the materials that we use to create our packaging solutions, as well as minimize the energy used during the manufacturing process. Finally, due to the lightweight materials and constructions of these bags, transportation process becomes much more efficient and eco-friendly, as it is supposed to be. After all, we do not want to just make neat bags for dog food. Instead, we opt to make positive change in the packaging industry.

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