The time has come for your e-commerce business. The development process of your product is finished, and you are ready to present it to the consumers, offer it in either your own shop or by other retailers. And yet, another problem arises (who said there wouldn’t be any?) – transportation! After all, you have to think about how to move your items, preferably in bulk, and minimize any possible danger along the way – from mechanical damage to variations in temperatures, from moisture to oxygen, from scratches to dents. On top of that, your package might be shaken along the way or land at the very bottom of the transport truck, bringing even more questions regarding safety. So now we should ask ourselves – what can we do about it?

Size matters

It might sound obvious, but the most significant impact lies in the properly chosen size for the package. Your items should not be squeezed but instead tightly fit, ensuring that they won’t move or shake during the transport. When sending one item, it might be pretty easy to find a box that matches exactly the size you need. Still, things can get tricky if you are sending a bunch of irregular pouches. Take care when you stack those, as the insides can get crumpled or even crushed by the items on top. Packing enough of them to make sure they won’t be able to slide inside is also optimal. It reduces the possibility of the whole package being damaged during sharp turns. Since e-commerce pouches (e.g. stand up pouches, flat pouches, side gusset bags) are usually sent in larger groups, it is vital to pack them as efficiently as possible without sacrificing their security.

More than meets the eye

Choosing a fitting package also brings benefits that might not be so obvious at first glance! Smaller boxes and bags are, well, smaller – meaning that they use fewer resources and energy to manufacture, being in the end more eco-friendly in the long run. Going green is not only about huge changes in factories, but also such minute details that can accumulate greatly over time. The other positive side of it lies in transportation fees. If you are able to fit your delivery into what is called a “standardized package”, they are much easier to stack and transport – and companies frequently have greatly reduced fees on sending such parcels. In other words, try and compare different types of sizes to match yours in the best way possible!

Crumple, scratch, and tear

Certain kinds of pouches might require special preparation before sending them out. Clear, translucent and window stand up pouches while being amazing for presenting your merchandise and promotion, see-through elements tend to get scratched and lose their shine in the transport if they are packed too tightly together. Mechanical scratching or bending can also make the product look worn out. There are few ways of increasing their protection, however. You can use plastic or cardboard dividers between the pouches, separating them and ensuring they will stand upright if needed; you can also use special protective tapes to either tie entire bunches together or to protect their vulnerable spots (just like the window in the aforementioned situation). Companies, such as our friends at https://www.kitepackaging.co.uk can help you pick the perfect protection plan, from bubble wraps to cushion and fill the box to envelopes and tapes for securing and protecting the outside of your merchandise. Remember – it’s better to be safe than sorry! Take your time, browse through their catalogue and don’t be afraid to reach out to find the best possible solution.

Clear communication is the key

Finally, remember that the transporting company will probably have no idea what is inside the box – and will rely on your information regarding the handling of given items. When sending something that cannot be stored upside down, it is extremely important to put a sticker with an up-arrow and/or “This side up” text. Pouches containing fragile goods have only a given limit of weight that can be put on top of them. Hence, the information “Do not stack!” or "Fragile" might also be useful. These are the reasons why giving the proper information regarding the package content is so important to avoid mishandling the parcel and damaging the products inside.

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