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Stand up pouches

known as stand up bags are the best display packaging solution.
Shapes and materials used for them are also helpful when you send your items to customers via post.
Zip-lock feature keep products put inside fresh for longer. Pouches are steady and durable when filled.

Stand up pouch_1.png pouchwithwindow2.png blockbottom.jpg

Stand up pouch

Stand up with window

Block bottom


Side gusset

Side gusset with valve

Large capacity Side gusset

spout1_1.png spout2_1.png shaped_1_1.jpg

Spout pouch

Spout pouch with handle

Shaped pouch



Flat pouches

This type of pouches is low cost packaging option. They are available in different materials and sizes.
Can be used for food and non food products. Flat structure makes it easy to store.


trasnparent_2.png flatwithoutzip_1_1.png shine_2_2.png flatpouch_1.png






Biodegradable stand up pouches

Eco-friendly pouches.


Eco_1.jpg ecowindow_1.jpg ecotransparent_1.jpg

Kraft paper



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