Food Grade Salad Container Takeaway Lunchbox Pasta Cold Food Expand

Salad Container, Takeaway Lunchbox, Pasta Cold, Food Grade

£ 4.16

Jamo Packaging Solutions


250 ml375 ml500 ml750 ml1000 ml

Upper diameter of base

of hinged container

120 mm

154 mm

154 mm174 mm189 mm

Internal height of base

of hinged container

55 mm49 mm62 mm67 mm73 mm

Volume of base

of hinged container

250 ml375 ml500 ml750 ml1000 ml

Lower diameter of base

of hinged container

58 mm72 mm72 mm84 mm97 mm

External height of top

of lid of hinged container

60 mm49 mm67 mm72 mm78 mm

Product Applications

  • Great for nibbles
  • Little snacks
  • Ideal for parties
  • Catering companies
  • Fancy appetizers
  • ... And many more!

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Window Kraft Paper Stand Up Pouch With Zip Lock

This type of pouch is perfect for storing different types of food items inside. It is protected by a zip lock, which allows the customer to secure the freshness of the product while making it easy to open and close multiple times. Additionally, this bag is protected by a heat seal to further protect its contents. Made from beautiful kraft paper, this bag also has a transparent window, thanks to which you can instantly see the product inside.

Fabric: Paper / Oriented Polypropylene

100 ml70 microns
250 ml70 microns
500 ml80 microns
750 ml70 microns
1000 ml70 microns