Probably the biggest issue regarding distribution of your edible consumables is storage. As much as we take pride and enjoyment in designing bags that are perfectly suitable for display and promoting your product in store, we are aware of many problems coming with such items. No matter how eye-catching your packaging will be, customers will always judge the quality and taste of the food in the end. They will require it to be fresh and fragrant, ready to eat or use in the kitchen! Because of that, we need to think about every part of the manufacturing process.

From the very beginning, we encourage you to think ahead. That is because we believe that flat pouches can be probably the best packaging solutions for a plethora of products. As one might guess, flat pouches are exactly what you are thinking – a type of bags, that are specifically prepared to be laid horizontally. At the first glance, it might seem contradictory to the popular wave of flashy, in-your-face type of packaging. After all, most of the bag will be covered and hard to see. Why would you choose such option?!

Efficient, durable, useful!

Picking such a way to store your edibles, you should consider the following: is the efficiency the most important choice for me? Such a flat design is optimal for long-term storage, especially in larger quantities. By being able to stack them up, one on top of another, without compromising the durability or protection. This allows you to greatly reduce the amount of space needed, not only in warehouse or production site, but also during the process of transportation and distribution. It is not everything, though! Additionally, the pressure from the upper layers will be spread much more evenly, due to the flat nature of the entire packaging. This will help securing the proper texture and quality of the product.

Affordability and ecology

Because of the simple design, these pouches have another great trait: fewer resources used. Because of that, they are usually a much cheaper and offer more volume when compared to other, more ornate and decorative types. This is also a great virtue in terms of eco-friendliness! By reducing the used materials and generated waste, we are able to contribute to further improving the state of our planet. As we have mentioned earlier, by reducing the weight and space needed for proper keeping of your potential product, we aim for minimizing the energy and fuel used during the transportation, as it is often neglected part of the pollution contribution.

All of the above traits contribute to such a deceptively simple, yet incredibly useful and practical pouch. If you are interested in learning more about different types of food packaging solutions, we encourage you to continue reading our blog!

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