We live in the era of diversity. Every day we come along a new product, something new and fresh, that we did not see before. Our company is aware of this fact. We do realize that our world is pushing forward constantly, and we strive to keep up with the growing array of demands that come from our customers, regarding the quality and types of our wares. We take pride in meeting their expectations, by offering solutions tailored precisely to the demand at hand.

Breath of fresh air

We are surrounded by air constantly – the mixture of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor swirls around us and ensures the survivability of every organism on our planet. And yet, sometimes air may be a hindrance. Unfortunately, air tends to lead to moisturizing different consumables, which is not always welcome. The most popular, mundane examples are… tea and coffee! By allowing them to stay in constant contact with air we risk degrading their quality. They should be stored dry, at a cold temperature, in order to prevent the loss of taste and fragrance. That is why, historically, these items were stored in decorative tin cans and boxes. Nowadays we can use the amazing innovations of our times – degassing valves!

Prevent the air, secure the freshness

Our tea and coffee pouches allows for storing for a long time, without fear of losing freshness, as it prevents the air from coming in. You might think – yes, but every pouch would allow for that. Why should I pick the one with degassing valve? Well, here is an important fact about coffee beans. After the process of roasting the beans, they tend to continue releasing the gas – mostly carbon dioxide. By increasing the volume of the gas inside, the pressure rises as well – which puts us at danger of the pouch simply bursting from the force building up inside. Bags with valves, however, prevent that by utilizing simple idea. The degassing valve allows for one-way flow of the gases – the created gas inside the bag gets released outside, while still not allowing the air to get inside. By maintaining the constant pressure inside, we are able to maintain the optimal environment for the storage of our consumables.

Strength in variety

We always strive to deliver the perfectly crafted solution for our customers. These sealed pouches are well suited for coffee makers, because they allow for packaging immediately after roasting, which shortens the processing time and need for storage. Our vacuum sealing pouches come in different sizes, and we encourage you to experiment and pick the one that would perfectly match your needs! We guarantee that our products are top quality, preventing from foreign smells, oxidation and humidity, securing the freshness, taste and fragrance of your merchandise.

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