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Process of designing and creating an entirely new product is long, tedious and multi-leveled. After brainstorming and sculpting your ideas, you need to craft the prototype, calculate the costs of manufacturing, promotion, transportation… All of that can – and will! – sooner or later result in stress and nervousness. After all, you need to focus on each step of the road with the same level of detail. It is natural that we would seek shortcuts in order to make it easier and simpler. But should we really just pick the first thing that comes to our mind?

Making a great first impression

Let’s be honest. People judge books by their covers, despite the popular saying. That is very important when it comes to advertising and promotion – and we should use it as leverage. After all, our product should be easy to spot, remember and to distinguish it on the shelf from any competition. There is no “golden rule” when it comes to creating a memorable packaging. Some products, especially ones that are pre-made or directed toward younger customers, will surely benefit from colorful and bright, distinct text. Others are much more fitting for a more rustic and classic paper sachets. Especially edibles like dried fruits, home-style cookies or oats will create better associations when distributed in a kraft paper bag.

Come for the looks, stay for usefulness

How many times have you bought a really good item of high quality, only to realize it comes in awful, cheap packaging? Packet that rips or wrinkles at the slightest touch? Or instead is rigid and unwieldy? Good packaging solution is pretty or durable; perfect one is both at the same time. We know that every product has its own requirements when it comes to storage and transportation. That is why we encourage you to browse through the catalogue in order to select the perfect one for yourself. Does it require vacuum storage, for example meat, cheese or fish? Perhaps a flat pouch with a heat seal would create the best protection for your chips, crisps, seeds or spices? Even for such aromatic products like tea or coffee, that requires ease of repeated use when it comes to the pouch, should have dedicated packaging for itself. There is no such thing as a perfect bag; there is, however, one that is perfect for the specific product!

Many aspects of storing and protecting the merchandise

However, there are many things to consider when selecting a pouch for your new product. Remember to always check if the bag is food-grade, which means that it is created in order to store edible products. When it comes to cosmetics, like creams or soaps, make sure that they will not come in any chemical reactions with the inner layer; you should also consider if it needs additional thermal or UV protection, granted by some materials. Liquids usually require a special type of packaging, like a spout pouch; make sure to check if the volume will be sufficient and that your merchandise is not too viscous. Very thick substances, like molasses, may be able to plug the opening and make it harder to use. Remember to consider all of these aspects, from transportation to storage, from manufacturing to usage, when picking the perfect solution for you. You will see time and again, that this choice can greatly influence the success of your brand.

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