Here, at Jamo Packaging Solutions, we are aware that packaging is the most vital part of salesmanship. Choosing the proper packaging for your product means the difference between success and a market failure. That is precisely why we are here - to share our experience and knowledge to ensure the most suitable and efficient packaging for your business.

Durable, modern and eco-design

Stand up pouches are amazing inventions of industry, giving us the mixture of beautiful and eye-catching presentation joined with cheap yet durable packaging solution. To put it simply, stand up pouches are a type of food packaging, made from laminate, flexible plastic or metal foils. Such materials are chosen, due to their ability to with stand high temperatures used during sterilization, which ranges between 116-121°C (240-250°F). Because of those materials, our packaging can also be used for preparation under high pressure, and after all is said and done – the pouch is extremely sturdy and durable. And yet, that is not all! Creation of said bag is very eco-friendly, due to the low heat and material usage when compared to classic metal, paper and glass containers. Furthermore, our containers can also be recycled and upcycled, which allows us for deeper care for our environment. Usage of high quality plastics also reduced the industrial wastage and increases the protection from UV light, which may affect the oxidization of the product stored inside. Finally, the lightweight packaging results in lesser costs and environmental footprint of transportation. After all, our goal is a brighter, better future for our customers.

But why stand up pouches?

At this point you might ask – yes, but those qualities might as well describe a typical retort pouch. Then why is this article about stand up bags? Allow me to explain.

Due to the added gusset at the bottom (which differentiates them from the typical flat pouches, which are also used for the same purposes), the pouch is able to stand upright. This small yet important change makes all the difference when it comes to marketing!

For a long time a flat pouch was widely used for storage of confectionery, condiments, cosmetics or pharmaceuticals. And yet, while they were surely efficient and sturdy, by changing the construction to allow them to stand by themselves their promotional potential skyrocketed. In such position they are much more visible, easy to spot and notice. Vibrant and colorful graphics will surely catch the eye of the customer and bigger front view allows for more interesting and effective front-panel design. In addition to that, many of our pouches have a see-through window, which allows for constant inspection of the content of our bags. Their efficient shape is widely sought after by many customers, as stand up bags do not require much space to store and transport. Due to the packaging being flexible instead of a rigid shape, the possible damage caused in transit is also reduced to minimum. All of those qualities combined together create an amazing solution for your product, available at affordable price without compromising the quality and safety.

Our catalogue is broad and versatile – in more ways then one

Our selection of stand up pouches is not limited only to different sizes. Here, at Jamo Packaging Solutions, we are firm believers of “choice breeds perfection”. By introducing wide variety of stand up bags into our catalogue, our goal was to give our customers a great degree of freedom, allowing them to tailor their packaging to their own needs and fancy. Materials used for our containers range from kraft paper and aluminum foil up to fully biodegradable packages and laminate pouches. In addition to that, many of them have side gussets for increased stability or are made of see-through materials to make them stand out even more. Each type of materials has its own merits, usage and additional characteristics, which allows you to browse and select the exact product you will need. Feel free to browse our catalogue and contact us in case of any questions. It will be our pleasure to help you select the perfect packaging solution for your business.

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